London, 27 September 2016 - The Philippine Embassy presented Mr. Elle Mana-Festin, a renowned Filipino tribal tattoo artist, at its Kapihan sa Pasuguan in London last 26 September.


Left to right: Mr Adrian Williams of Philippine Generations, Mr Elle Mana-Festin,

Ambassador Evan Garcia and Ms Jazmine Atienza of Spiritual Journey Tattoo & Tribal Gallery

Mr. Mana-Festin discussed the history and relevance of the art of Filipino tribal tattoos in the presence of Embassy personnel and guests from various parts of the United Kingdom. He also touched upon the work and advocacy of his group Tatak ng Apat na Alon Tribe (Mark of the Four Waves) in reviving the art of Filipino tribal tattoos.

In his welcome remarks, Ambassador Evan Garcia commended the efforts of Mr Mana Festin and his team in preserving this authentic art and tradition. Tatak Ng Apat Na Alon Tribe was established in 1996 to celebrate and revive the Philippine ancient traditions, particularly in the form of traditional tribal tattoos.

The Philippine Embassy’s Kapihan sa Pasuguan was co-organized by the Philippine Generations, a group of second generation Filipino community members from the wider Filipino diaspora in the UK. END