• Walk-in processing is allowed for senior citizens (at least 60 years old), pregnant (with proof of pregnancy), PWDs (with PWD card or similar document), infants less than 1 year old applying for passports, and/or other special cases evaluated on a case-by-case basis.
  • Multiple related applications may be allowed under a single appointment (for example: report of birth and passport application of the minor child; reacquisition of citizenship and passport application; report of death and consular mortuary certificate; passport renewal and extension of validity; etc.)
  • In view of the Consular Section’s limited space and continued implementation of safety measures, only applicants will be allowed inside the Embassy premises. Escorts and other companions are strongly discouraged from joining the applicant. Special consideration shall be allowed only when the applicant is a minor child in need of parental assistance, elderly in need of special assistance, PWD, pregnant with delicate pregnancy, applicant with limited mobility due to illness or other similar cases.
  • The Embassy opens new appointment slots every Friday morning for the following week. The updating is done on a weekly basis to ensure the continued availability of appointment slots.
  • Applicants must always include their contact details (email, mobile number, landline number) in their application, for ease in coordination as the need arises.
  • The Embassy will no longer provide “seen and noted” service for Philippine documents that should be apostilled. To apostille a Philippine document, please go to this link,
  • Passports applied with the Passport Renewal Centres in Cardiff, Belfast, Edinburgh, and Dublin are released to VFS-Global London every Wednesday.