Bringing Pets into the Philippines


Pets may be allowed entry into the Philippines subject to the issuance of the proper import permit.

A letter applying for the import permit from the Animal Health Division of the Bureau of Animal Industry (BAI) should be sent to the BAI Director at the following address:


            Animal Health Division

            Bureau of Animal Industry

            Visayas Avenue, Diliman

            Quezon City, Philippines

            Telephone     :           +63-2 926 6883

            Fax                 :           +63-2 926 6866


The letter should contain the following information:


  1. Species and breed of the animal/s
  2. Sex, color and number of pet/s
  3. Expected date of arrival

Payment of the required fees may be made upon arrival at the Veterinary Quarantine Unit at the Ninoy Aquino International airport.


A valid health certificate from the country of origin must be presented upon arrival. Please note that if the number of animals to be brought into the country exceeds five (5), the animals have to be inspected at the quarantine site.

The permit is good for two (2) months, extension for another month may be requested before the permit’s expiry date.