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Philippine Ambassador to the United Kingdom Enrique A. Manalo addressed the prestigious English-Speaking Union (ESU) at Dartmouth House in London on October 08.

Ambassador Manalo was invited by the ESU as guest speaker for its annual “International at Home” event at the organization’s headquarters in London. The program invites ambassadors to speak about their countries before ESU members and guests from the London diplomatic community. 

In his speech, the Ambassador noted the dynamic relations between the Philippines and the United Kingdom. He shared his insights on significant historical milestones in Philippine history, including the British Occupation of Manila from 1762 to 1764. He also underlined some interesting aspects of the colorful Filipino culture, particularly its rich linguistic profile. He noted the extensive use of the English language in the Philippines and its important place in Filipino art, music, and literature, among others. 

Founded in 1918 in London, the ESU is a global charity organization dedicated to the use of English as a common global language to nurture dialogue and the exchange of ideas and opinions. Prominent members of the British royal family have served as its patrons, including Queen Elizabeth II, then Princess Elizabeth, the Duke of Edinburgh, and the Princess Royal.

The organization has sponsored the annual ESU International Public Speaking Competition, which counts two Filipinos as winners, namely, Patricia Evangelista in 2004 and Gian Carlo Dapul in 2008. The ESU continues to support young people through scholarships and exchange opportunities, emphasizing the value of good communication for individual, community and global development.