Before Your Trip:


  1. Check if you are exempted from existing travel restrictions by clicking this link
  2. Register through the following e-CIF links to receive a unique QR code you will need to present at the One Stop Sho (OSS) upon arrival in the Philippines:


Arrival Point


Terminal 2 (Philippine Airlines passengers)

Terminal 1

Terminal 3


  1. Pre-book at any Bureau of Quarantine (BOQ) -accredited hotel for a stay of at least seven (7) days from your arrival and prepare Php 4,000 (approx GBP 61.00) for RT-PCR Testing and additional cash to cover transportation expenses.


At the Airport:


  1. Submit a completed Health Declaration Form to the BOQ upon your arrival.
  2. Proceed to the OSS Briefing Area for a briefing by the Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) on quarantine protocols and for the distribution of the Affidavit of Undertaking.
  3. Proceed to the Department of Tourism (DOT) Desk to have your quarantine facility validated.
  4. Proceed to the Private Laboratory Desk to have your data processed and to pay for your RT-PCR Testing, which will be conducted at your designated quarantine facility.
  5. Proceed to the Bureau of Immigration for the standard entry clearances and passport checks.
  6. Collect your luggage from the Baggage Claim area.
  7. Submit your Affidavit of Undertaking to the PCG.
  8. Hire an airport taxi to proceed to our quarantine facility.


While on Quarantine:


  1. While in quarantine, prepare the following documents:
    • Airline or bus ticket to onward destination;
    • Letter of Acceptance from the Local Government Unite (LGU) of your onward destination;
    • Travel Pass from any PNP Office at the point of departure.
  2. Submit to an RT-PCR Test on your 6th day in quarantine at your quarantine facility and wait to receive the results by email.
  3. Upon receipt of a negative test result, wait to receive a BOQ Health Certificate, which indicates the number of days spent in quarantine.
  4. Present your negative RT-PCR test result and your BOQ Health Certificate to the officer-in-charge upon check-out.


Coordinating with the LGU:


  1. Upon clearance, avail of an authorised transportation to your final destination.  Your delay in reporting to your LGU can be grounds for the enforcement of an additional 14 days of quarantine.
  2. Report to your barangay officials upon arrival at your locality.  
  3. Complete your home quarantine and heed all instructions from your LGU.
  4. Upon completion of your quarantine at the LGU, continue to observe all health and safety protocols.