Please be informed that the 2016 Revised Rules of Procedure for Small Claims Cases (A.M. No. 08-8-7-SC), took effect last 01 February 2016.


The Revised Rules increased from P100,000.00 to P200,000.00, exclusive of interest and costs, the amount or value of the claim falling within the jurisdiction of small claims court.


Section 5 of the Revised Rules, on applicability, state that the rules apply in all actions that are purely civil in nature, where the claim or relief prayed for by the plaintiff is solely for payment or reimbursement of sum of money.


The Revised Rules were promulgated “to protect and advance the constitutional rights of persons to a speedy disposition of their cases, provide a simplified and inexpensive procedure for the disposition of small claims cases and introduce innovations and best practice for the benefit of the underprivileged.”


Attached is a copy of A.M. No. 08-8-7-SC.




22 February 2017