HMS Ariadne minelayer
HMS Ariadne of the Royal Navy
London, 25 January 2016 - Ambassador Enrique A. Manalo today presented Certificates of Appreciation to nine (9) remaining British veterans of HMS Ariadne (M65) in recognition of their bravery and gallantry in action and for their significant role in the liberation of the Philippines during World War II.
HMS Ariadne was the only British ship under loan with the U.S. Navy during the Leyte Landing Operations from August to October 1944.
The nine British naval officers of HMS Ariadne are:
1) John Chapman, Able Seaman (Radar)
2) Gordon Arthur Gledhill, Quarter Master/Able Seaman
3) John Holyhead, Able Seaman (Stoker First Class)
4) Stanley Hadyn Howells, Able Seaman
5) Desmond Lamey, Able Seaman
6) Ernest James Piddington, Able Seaman
7) William John Henry Pye, Able Seaman
8) William Robinson, Able Seaman (Mine Layer)
9) Edward Turley, Able Seaman
This year marks the 70th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the Philippines and the United Kingdom, and the special recognition of the above-named British veterans is a manifestation of the long-standing friendly ties between the two counties. END