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Some reports on the criminal conviction of Mr. Victorino Chua, a British citizen originally from the Philippines, seem to have cast shadows of a doubt on the qualification and competence of Filipino nurses in the UK. Whatever doubts that may have arisen are unwarranted, considering that Mr. Chua’s case is an isolated incident and does not in any way reflect the quality of training and competence of Philippine-trained nurses.

Filipino nurses have an excellent reputation and track record in the UK. In fact, the Philippine Embassy receives news of the excellence and quality of work of Filipino nurses and health workers in the UK in the form of employers’ awards recognizing their valuable contributions in providing healthcare.

In 2013, a delegation from UK’s Nursing & Midwifery Council (NMC) undertook an official mission to the Philippines to investigate the Philippine nursing education and training system. They reported that their mission was successful and that they left with a deeper understanding and satisfaction with the Philippine nurses’ training and licensing process.

The Philippine Embassy is proud of Filipino nurses’ significant and positive contributions to British society. The Embassy also wishes to thank the British Government for its fair treatment of Filipino nationals who live and work in the country.