Starting 1 September 2021, the Philippine Bureau of Quarantine (BOQ) STRICTLY requires all arriving travelers from international flights to present their ONE HEALTH PASS QR CODE prior to boarding their flights to the Philippines. 

To get the QR code, you will have to accomplish the One Health Pass Declaration Form (e-HDC) which will require you to submit personal information, health status and travel history. The forms should be filled out individually. Children are also required to have his/her own form.
1. to be accomplished at ANY TIME on or before your departure date: Register through and completely fill out all required fields. Upon filling out the form, please ensure to save a copy of your unique transaction number, which you will need when you are at the airport to accomplish Step 2 below to complete your e-HDC registration.
2. To be accomplished AT THE AIRPORT, prior to boarding your flight to the Philippines:  Before boarding your flight, answer the e-HDC at by entering your unique transaction number to retrieve your record. Upon completing all the information, you will receive your unique QR code which you need to present before boarding and upon arrival. 
All information shared in the One Health Pass is collected and processed solely by the Bureau of Quarantine. The One Health Pass website is independent of the Philippine Embassy and the Philippine Embassy has no access to the website. 
For inquiries or more information, you may directly coordinate with the Bureau of Quarantine at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..