1. Access the Royal Mail website (
  2. On the main menu, select Sending and click Buy Postage Online.


  1. Under Your Item, make the following selections below then click Continue:
    • Destination country: Ireland
    • Item weight: 100g 
    • Package size: Letter



4. Under Service, make the following selections:


  • Type of Service (Recommended): International Tracked


Make sure to provide your email address so you will be updated of your document’s journey.  You do not have to provide your UK mobile phone number if you do not have one.



5. Under Destination, provide your name and delivery address so Royal Mail will know where to deliver your passport after they collect it from us:



6. Under Sender, provide the details of the Philippine Embassy:



7. Click Add to basket and complete your transaction.


8. Print out the postage document and include it with the rest of your passport validity extension documents.