The Commission on Elections deactivated the records of more than 10,000 voters who failed to vote in at least two consecutive Philippine elections.  If you are a qualified voter and are unsure if you are one of those whose records were deactivated, you can use the portal below to check before visiting us at the Philippine Embassy to reactivate your records.  Reactivating your voter record will mean that you can again vote in the upcoming 09 May 2022 Philippine National Elections.


Voter Registration Status Portal


Important Reminders:

  • When using the portal, input your name in this format: LAST NAME, FIRST NAME MIDDLE NAME
  • Make sure you place a comma (,) after your LAST NAME.
  • If after pressing SEARCH, the portal says that NO RESULTS have been found, this means that your name is not in the list of deactivated voters in the UK and Ireland.
  • The portal only covers those who registered as overseas absentee voters in the UK and Ireland.


If Your Records were Deactivated: What to Do Next

1. Prepare your requirements to reactivate your voters records / register as a voter.

2. Visit the Philippine Embassy to register.