The Embassy encourages all Filipino organizations to register with us. For the steps and requirements, continue reading the information below:


Registering your Filipino community organization with the Embassy is easy and straightforward:

  • To register your Filipino community organization online, simply click this link, complete the form, and attach the requirements being asked for.


  • Duly accomplished Application Form
  • Constitution and By-laws
  • List of Officers and Members
  • One Photograph showing current officers and advisers


Filipino community organizations in the UK and Ireland may register their organizations with the Embassy. Filipino Student Societies are also encouraged to register with us. The President or Secretary of the organization may process the organization's registration on its behalf.

Why register?

Registration of Filipino community organizations with the Philippine Embassy helps us to reach out to the wider Filipino community in the UK. It allows us to effectively communicate with the Filipino community in the delivery of our services.

In addition, it helps assure the public that such Filipino community organizations are publicly recognized (ie, registered with the Philippine Embassy) and are committed to the principles of transparency and accountability.

What happens to the information that you provide?

The Philippine Embassy protects your information in accordance with Philippine and UK data privacy laws. Organization’s contact details may be included in the Embassy’s mailing list.

IMPORTANT: Organizations that were previously registered with the Philippine Embassy are encouraged to UPDATE their registration details using the online portal.

The United Kingdom and Ireland are home to a vibrant Filipino community that is one of the largest in Europe. Around 200,000 Filipino live and work in England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, and Ireland. Several of our kababayans have come together to form Filipino community organizations representing the different regions and communities in the Philippines, as well as different advocacies and areas of interest. The Embassy also works closely with the different Filipino community organizations in promoting Philippine interests in the UK and Ireland.