Purpose/Nature of OEC

·         An exit permit/employment certificate issued to OFWs which should be presented to the Immigration counter at the airport prior to departure from the Philippines.

·         Proof of payment that a worker has been duly documented by the POEA and has paid the processing fee and OWWA membership contribution.

·         Entitles a worker to travel tax exemption and free terminal fee.

·         Valid for sixty (60) days only from the date of issuance.


Who are entitled to OEC

·         OFWs who are on vacation and returning to the same Employer in Uk/Ireland

·         Undocumented OFWs (tourists, dependents, students, businessmen) who have found work and have partially served his/her employer in UK/Ireland


Documentary Requirements

The following must be presented/submitted to the Office of the Labor Attache, Philippine Embassy, London:

·         Original Passport with valid re-entry visa/work permit (with photo copy)

·         Duly accomplished OFW Information Sheet (form available at the Office of the Labor Attache, Philippine Embassy or visit the Forms section of this website)

·         Proof of valid OWWA membership

·         Copy of Employment contract/Employer’s certification (for new registrants/undocumented workers)



·         Two pounds (£2.00)