The program intends to provide job-related skills training in priority maritime courses identified by the Maritime Training Council (MTC), designed to upgrade knowledge and skills, develop expertise and update skills in accordance with technological advancements and international maritime standards.

Nature of grant

The Seafarers Upgrading Program shall be in a form of training assistance with be in a for of training assistance with OWWA assuming training cost ranging from P1,200 to a maximum of P7,500 (inclusive of the meal and transportation allowances, in the case of trainees referred at NMP).

Availment requirements

All Filipino seafarers who are OWWA members shall be entitled to avail of the program once every three (3) contributions. Availment may be assured upon first (1st) payment.

Documentary requirements

Applicants must submit the following requirements.

$11.     Accomplished application form

$12.     Seaman’s identification and Record Book (SRIB)

$13.     Pre-qualification and admission report issued by the training center

$14.     1” X 1” photo (2 copies)

$15.     Latest residence certificate

In Regional Offices where there are no Maritime Training Center – accredited training centers/institutions or where there are no IMO listed upgraded courses, applicants shall be referred to and monitored at the nearest region.

Course offerings

The program shall include scholarships in courses relevant to identified skills needed in the international maritime market, such as:

·         Advanced Training in Firefighting

·         Proficiency in Survival Craft and Rescue Boat

·         Medical Emergency – First Aid (MEFA)

·         Tankerman’s Courses

·         Shore-Based Firefighting

·         Specialized Tankerman’s Course

·         Advanced Training in Oil Tanker

·         Advanced Training in Chemical Tanker

·         Advanced Training in Liquefied Gas Tanker

·         Marine Pollution 73/78 Annex I (MARPOL I)

·         Marine Pollution 73/78 Annex II (MARPOL II)

·         Carriage of Dangerous Goods / Hazardous Materials

·         Crude Oil Washing / Inert Gas System

·         Specialized Tankerman’s Course

·         Ratings Forming Part of Navigation Watch (Deck Watchkeeping for Ratings)

·         Ratings Forming Part of Engineering Watch (Engine Watchkeeping for Ratings)

·         Telecommunication Courses

·         General Operator’s Course for Global Maritime Distress Safety System (GOC for GMDSS)

·         Radio Electronics Officer’s Course

·         Other Upgrading Courses

·         Deck Section

·         Electronic Navigation System

·         Ship Handling and Maneuvering

·         Radar Observation and Plotting Course (ROP)

·         Radar Simulator Course (RSC)

·         Operational Use of Automatic Radar Plotting Aids (ARPA)

·         Practice of Navigation / Aids to Navigation

·         Basic Stability / Trim and Stability

·         Marine Meteorology

·         Safe Cargo Handling and Stowage

·         Engine Section

·         Electro-Technology

·         Auxiliary System

·         Steam Plant / 4-Stroke Diesel Engine

·         Control Engineering

·         Marine Electricity

·         Marine Electronics

·         Marine Refrigeration and Air Conditioning

·         Modern Marine Propulsion System

·         Hydromechanics (Hydraulics / Pheumatics)

·         Other Courses

·         Shipboard Culinary Course

·         Shipboard Welding Course

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