The EDSP is a scholarship grant offered to qualified beneficiaries/dependents of OWW members who intend to enroll in any 4-5 years baccalaureate course. It shall be in the form of financial assistance amounting to 30,000 per semester. Tuition fees shall be paid directly to the school while the remaining amount shall be released to the scholar upon submission of the grades for the semester.



General Eligibility Requirements

1.     Must be child of an OWWA member, or brother/sister of an unmarried OWWA member.

2.     Must be below 21 years old.

3.     Must be a High School graduate with a general average grade of at least 80%.

4.     Must Pass the qualifying examination conducted by the Department of Science and Technology-Science Education Institute (DOST-SEI) and

5.     Must not be a recipient of any scholarship award.



Procedural Policies

1.     Availments are by voucher system and scholarship must be availed on the specific period indicated in the vouchers.

2.     Availees are subject to regular evaluation and assessment

3.     Schorlarship grant is non-transferable; and

4.     Outstanding graduates shall be recognized and awarded accordingly.



Documentary Requirements

1.     Accomplished Application Form (2sets)

2.     Two (2) copies of 1×1 ID pictures.

3.     Proof of relationship to OWWA member (i.e., copy of Marriage Contract and/or Birth Certificate of both member and applicant-dependent duly certified by the Local Civil Registry)

4.     For 137 / High School Report Card.



Selection Criteria

All qualified applicants shall be selected and ranked according to their performance in the qualifying examination for the scholarship.
The Scholars shall be selected and recommended by the OWWA Scholarship Committee. The approval of the Administrator is final and unappealable.



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