An OWWA member-OFW is entitled to services and benefits over and above the provisions of the employment contract offer of employers or the laws of the receiving country. For an £18.00 membership contribution (renewable every two years, or for the duration of his/her contract if its less than two years), an OWWA member is entitled to the following benefits and services:


Insurance and Health-Care Benefits



Life Insurance - A member is covered with life insurance for the duration of his employment contract. The coverage includes Php 100,000.00 for natural death and Php 200,000.00 for accidental death.



Disability and Dismemberment Benefits

A member is entitled to disability/dismemberment benefits as a rider provision of his life insurance as provided for in the impediment schedule contained in the Manual of Systems and Procedures. The coverage is within the range of P2,000.00 to P50,000.00



Total Disability Benefit

A member is entitled to P100,000.00, in case of total permanent disability.



Burial Benefit

A burial benefit of P20,000.00 shall be provided in case of the member’s death.


Education and Training Benefits


A member may avail for himself or his duly designated beneficiary any of the following scholarship programs, subject to a selection process and accreditation of participating institutions.



Skills-for-Employment Scholarship Program

For technical vocational training scholarship.



Education for Development Scholarship Program for baccalaureate courses - A maximum of P10,000.00 for school fees and P20,000.00 for allowances per semester shall be provided. (See EDSP for more details)


Seafarers’ Upgrading Program for sea-based members


Member seafarers shall be entitled to one upgrading program for every three (3) membership contributions. Qualified grantees shall be provided with training assistance from P1,200.00 to a maximum of P7,500.00
(See SUP for more details)


Social Services and Family Welfare Assistance


Repatriation Program

Members may avail of repatriation services whenever necessary.



Reintegration Program

Members may avail of the Reintegration Program of the Department of Labor and Employment. This includes community organizing, capability-building, social preparation programs and livelihood loans. (See Livelihood Development Prog. For OFWs)



Workers Assistance and On-site Services

Members may avail of on-site assistance such as locating the OFWs, providing information and guidance, developing materials of the Pre-Departure Orientation Seminars, conducting psycho-social counseling, conciliation services, medical and legal assistance, and outreach missions, among others.