Incoming ASEAN London Committee (ALC) Chair Philippine Ambassador Antonio Manuel Lagdameo receives the wooden gavel from outgoing ALC Chair Myanmar Ambassador Kyaw Zwar Minn during the ceremonial turnover at the Myanmar Ambassador’s residence on 31 July 2018. Photo by Kristine Leilani Salle


31 July 2018 LONDON—Philippine Ambassador Antonio Manuel Lagdameo assumed the chairmanship of the ASEAN London Committee (ALC) during an official turnover ceremony at the residence of Myanmar Ambassador and outgoing ALC Chair Kyaw Zwar Minn on 31 July 2018.

The ALC is an organisation of ASEAN member states with diplomatic missions in the United Kingdom. The organisation aims to strengthen ASEAN-British ties through various activities and initiatives. Chairmanship in the ALC is rotated among ASEAN heads of post every six months.

“I would like to express my deep appreciation to Myanmar, led by Ambassador Minn, for successfully leading the ALC in the first half 2018,” said Ambassador Lagdameo. I promise to continue his work, through the ALC, in advancing the goals of ASEAN in the UK during the Philippines’ chairmanship for the second half of this year.”

As ALC chair, Ambassador Lagdameo will lead and coordinate various initiatives geared towards strengthening the relations between ASEAN and the United Kingdom. During the meeting chaired by the Ambassador, the ALC discussed its line-up of activities and priorities for the second half of 2018, including projects aimed at promoting the ASEAN brand such as the ASEAN Film Festival and the ASEAN Family Day. END

ALC Chair Philippine Ambassador Antonio Manuel Lagdameo (second from right) leads a discussion with ASEAN Heads of Post on the year’s line-up of activities aimed at strengthening ASEAN-British ties. Photo by Kristine Leilani Salle


London-based ASEAN heads of post join hands in the iconic ASEAN pose during the first ALC meeting under the Philippines’ chairmanship. Photo by Kristine Leilani Salle

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