Nationals from 151 countries (including The United Kingom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland) with visa-free privilege can stay in the Philippines for up to 30 days provided that nationals from these countries are in possession of a national passport valid for more thant six months and a return ticket to the country of origin or onward ticket to the next country of destination. UK nationals may be admitted into the Philippines with passports of less than six (6) months validity from the date of arrival.

A list of the countries eligible for the visa-free privilege may be obtained from the DFA website at

Holders of 9(a) temporary visitors visa may stay up to a maximum of fifty nine (59) days.

Tourists who have entry visas to the Philippines but wish to stay for more than fifty-nine (59) days may extend their stay at the Bureau of Immigration.  They may request information regarding extension procedures with the immigration officer at the airport upon arrival in the Philippines.