The Embassy of the Republic of the Philippines in London intends to procure sanitizers and disinfectants and personal protective equipment described in the attached list (Annex A), and would like to request a quotation from your company.

            Please submit a signed quotation and indicate your acceptance in the attached term of reference for the procurement at the soonest possible or not later than 13 March 2020. The Embassy accepts open quotations submitted directly at the address or through email at the details given below.

Should you require further clarification, please contact the Bids and Awards Committee Secretariat (BAC) - London at the (Telephone) 020 7451 1804 or email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

                                                                                    Very truly yours,



                                                                                    MARIA THERESA T. ALMIRANTE

                                                                                    BAC Secretariat


London, 10 March 2020





                                               Terms of Reference (TOR)

Name of Project


Approved Budget

Procurement of Emergency Supplies on the threat of COVID-19

Immediate purchase of Personal Protective Equipment and Related Supplies for the protection of Embassy personnel from the risk of COVID-19 transmission in the performance of duties, enumerated as follows:

a.  Disinfectant Surface Cleanser or Spray, 500ml-1ltr;

b. Alcohol Hand Sanitizer Liquid/Gell, 300 ml to 1200 ml;  

c.   Hand Sanitizer Gel No-Contact Pump Dispenser, 1 ltr;

d. Hand Sanitizer Gel Dispenser refill, 1 ltr;

e. Antibacterial Hand Wash, 250 to 500 ml;

f.   Hand/Skin Antibacterial wipes;

g.  Non-Contact Thermo Scanner and/or Digital Thermometer;

h.  Disposable  Gloves;     

i..  Disposable N95 and 3-ply Face masks;

j..   Paracetamol 500mg;

k.   Vitamin C Tablets 1500mg



Signature over printed name


Contact Number (Landline and/or Mobile Phone)


Email address

Business Permit No.: _______________________

Tax identification No.: ______________________